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Mobility and BYOD


BYOD (Bring your own Device) has come to video conferencing.  No longer confined to hardware boxes in the boardroom or office, we can now integrate and connect your PC, MAC, Ipad, IPhone and very soon, Android device to the video conferencing network. 

So, no longer tied to your desk, you have the ultimate freedom to move where the business is.  The ultimate in Mobility!

Mobility means flexibility. It means freedom: of movement, of access, and of means. Jabber, our mobile telepresence solution, provides workers with economical and user-friendly tools to stay visually connected with clients and colleagues across streets, across cities, across oceans.

Jabber bridges the platform barrier, too. All manner of devices can communicate with crystal clarity—not just between other Jabber users, but across the entirety of an enterprise's video deployment. All you need is a camera in your device, or use our USB HD camera for best effect.

Reliable, efficient and easy to use, Jabber extends industry-leading video conferencing software to mobile users. That's more than flexible. It's practical. An enterprise utilising Jabber reduces its cost-per-user of video deployment in the same breath as it increases productivity.

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MediaNet for Jabber Video for Telepresence


While you may have stable connections for internal and domestic calls, this is probably not the case for road warriors and international partners. The challenge is that the internet was not designed for video and hence leads to a degraded video experience.

As part of the TelepresenceWorld portfolio we offer MediaNet Global network connectivity for Cisco Jabber as a dedicated network service embedded in the Jabber software client.

The 'MediaNet for Jabber' service is designed to ensure the highest possible quality video when calling:

  • Sites in arbitrary destinations worldwide
  • people outside your city, country or region
  • People outside your organisation (B2B)
  • While you are traveling